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  • 2019 Toyota Corolla

    304 customer reviews
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Comment Highlights (82)

  • Jul 2024
    Fuel economy is excellent yet still sufficiently powerful. I've experienced a 70% reduction in fuel costs. Lovely to drive. Great safety features. Spacious storage.
    —Robyn F - 2019 Toyota Corolla Touring Hybrid
  • Jul 2024
    Such a nifty car. I love it's sporty look, sleek edges whilst still having a solid look. It has a great rear view camera for reversing. Smooth to ride. Have heard nothing but good things about this type of car since I bought it, so I feel I made a great choice and for a great price.
    —Kristine T - 2019 Toyota Corolla GX
  • Jul 2024
    We love this car. It is a very smooth car to drive. It has the power when we need it.
    —Rachel S - 2019 Toyota Corolla Hybrid Sport G
  • Jun 2024
    It's smaller than you think. The boot space is not big enough to fit shopping. Good for someone single with No kids. Drives well, takes corners nicely, reliable.
    —Jasmine C - 2019 Toyota Corolla GX 1.8P/CVT
  • Jun 2024
    It is a good vehicle for everyday use. To run errands and go to work.
    —Keresi L - 2019 Toyota Corolla GX 1.8L Auto Sedan NZ new
  • May 2024
    Easy and uncomplicated to drive
    —Sandra F - 2019 Toyota Corolla GX 2.0P/10CVT
  • May 2024
    I love the car, very fuel efficient and drives really smooth.
    —Levi C - 2019 Toyota Corolla GX 2.0P/10CVT
  • May 2024
    Nice easy drive, with lots of space in the boot. Lots of cup holders, esp in the back seats, much to thw delight of our 4yo.
    —Scott C - 2019 Toyota Corolla Touring Hybrid
  • Apr 2024
    For a station wagon it is smaller than I originally thought. It's fantastic on gas. Feels easy to drive around town and has good power when putting my foot down on the highway. It sits quite low, so feels tiny compared to taller suvs and utes. Over all very pleased with my purchase
    —Penelope J - 2019 Toyota Corolla Touring Hybrid
  • Apr 2024
    I am very pleased with hte performance and fuel economy.
    —Ann C - 2019 Toyota Corolla GX 2.0P/10CVT
  • Feb 2024
    Great car, very good fuel economy and has all the safety features you could wish for. The 2019 model is stylish and love the fact it has NZ maps.
    —Jaime A - 2019 Toyota Corolla GX Hybrid 1 owner NZ New
  • Feb 2024
    Great car, very economical and nifty. Looks good inside and out.
    —Inga M - 2019 Toyota Corolla GX Hatch
  • Jan 2024
    Really good now fuel cost is really economic
    —XU Y - 2019 Toyota Corolla 1.8G Sport Hybrid 3YearWarrantyFree
  • Jan 2024
    Its good for lady drivers. Compact car yet a very reliable one
    —Denver B - 2019 Toyota Corolla Sport Hybrid G Z
  • Dec 2023
    Love the car, very tidy, goes extremely well. Bit of road noise if back seat passenger.
    —Lynnore T - 2019 Toyota Corolla GX 2.0P/10CVT
  • Dec 2023
    Roomy station wagon that’s achieves great fuel economy and comfortable at open road speeds.
    —Chris G - 2019 Toyota Corolla GX
  • Dec 2023
    My mechanic recommends Toyotas and it's important to me to have a reliable car that gives me no worries. I like the sporty interior and hope a hybrid will be a bit cheaper to run.
    —Kathryn G - 2019 Toyota Corolla 1.8l Hybrid Sport GZ
  • Dec 2023
    Happy with the corolla, does what it's supposed to do. Comfortable to drive.
  • Nov 2023
    Looks good, has good reviews and excellent fuel economy.
    —Russell B - 2019 Toyota Corolla Wagon Hybrid WXB
  • Nov 2023
    Great car, very nice to drive. It is a little low so can be hard to get in and out of sometimes but overall a fantastic car.
    —Andrew H - 2019 Toyota Corolla GX
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