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  • 2011 Toyota Prius

    635 customer reviews
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  • Feb 2024
    The 2011 Toyota Prius Hybrid is best to be owned for economic and comfortable conditions with spacious leg rooms inside.
    —Tshering Y - 2011 Toyota Prius Hybrid
  • Jan 2024
    good family vehicle
    —Hardikkumar P - 2011 Toyota Prius Alpha 1.8 G 7seats
  • Jan 2024
    I am very happy about function and quality engine condition and mileage and storage/carriage space of the model which I bought. However, later I realized that back seat are not reclining and also stationary. When I need to carry my elderly parents, they find that front side seat only they are able to sit with their leg and knee condition.
    —Akiyo E - 2011 Toyota Prius G EDITION / $920 Rebate / Top Spec
  • Jan 2024
    Not sure yet but so far so good,fuel is very economical,smooth drive hope it will be a reliable car
    —Moegamat J - 2011 Toyota Prius Hybrid
  • Dec 2023
    Highly recommend, Driving is smooth and comfortable seats, and it's spacious, excellent mileage
    —Jitendra D - 2011 Toyota Prius
  • Nov 2023
    We are really enjoying our Prius. Very economical when zipping around town.
    —Maree C - 2011 Toyota Prius Alpha 1.8 G 7seats
  • Oct 2023
    Prius is really good on fuel, good space and easy to drive.
    —Neketesh V - 2011 Toyota Prius Hybrid
  • Oct 2023
    I like the car and it's fuel savings. The space is handy for families and the car is quiet and keeps cool in heat.
    —Jamiee F - 2011 Toyota PRIUS G Alpha 7 seats
  • Oct 2023
    A very safe and economical car
    —Amiza H - 2011 Toyota Prius Hybrid
  • Oct 2023
    Great car to drive, very economical would recommend to others
    —Tereoriori E - 2011 TOYOTA PRIUS S
  • Sep 2023
    The Prius Alpha is very spacious and performs well, the hybrid system really helps with fuel economy which is especially important with the fuel prices these days.
    —Yan Y - 2011 Toyota Prius ALPHA S 5 SEATER
  • Sep 2023
    Great vehicle. Reliable, efficient, comfortable, and sleek looking.
    —EDWARD D - 2011 Toyota Prius Hybrid
  • Sep 2023
    Love the features and the overall quality of the car
    —Darron P - 2011 Toyota Prius Alpha 7 Seats
  • Sep 2023
    So far the car is running good and very fuel efficient
    —Monita C - 2011 Toyota Prius Hybrid
  • Aug 2023
    The driving experience is smooth, and the fuel consumption in urban areas is about 5.7L/100km, and on the highway it is about 4.5L/km. Maybe newer models can do better, but this is enough for me.
    —Jiaqian X - 2011 Toyota Prius
  • Aug 2023
    Economical vehicle.
    —Nigel T - 2011 Toyota Prius
  • Aug 2023
    I am very happy with my purchase the car drives well and is easy to handle. Prius is a great car.
    —Sunita L - 2011 Toyota Prius Hybrid
  • Aug 2023
    It is a basic car that doesn't have all the bells and whistles. It is however a great sized whanau car with plenty of storage. I wanted a car with great fuel efficiency and had enough space for the kids with their gear and the prius covers all of this. The interior feels like a space ship.
    —Emily H - 2011 Toyota Prius S TOURING 78KMS WOW
  • Aug 2023
    After test driving my new car, it didn’t take long to find how reputable this car is regarding its safety and fuel economy. It’s a good value for money.
    —Nathaniel D - 2011 Toyota Prius
  • Aug 2023
    This is a good vehicle, performance is good, fuel efficiency is excellent.
    —Nipuna W - 2011 Toyota Prius S LED Edition
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